Q. How long is Compass in business?

A: Compass started its business back in 1997 in Chicago. We are Chicago located company which offers services for the transportation industry. Our dealership is at the present location since 2004.

Q. What kind of trucks does Compass sell?

A: We sell used commercial trucks.

Q. In what conditions are the trucks you are selling?

A: All of the trucks we offer for sale are in excellent and pristine condition. They are all inspected in our own shops, all of the existing flaws are corrected and the units are brought to a perfect driving condition for our customers. Our dealers will help you to find the truck you want.

Q. How long is the process of buying the truck?

A: Once you have made your choice it moves fairly fast. All paperwork is processed on the spot and with a few signatures you will be on your way within an hour.

Q. What kind of warranty do you offer for my new truck?

A: We offer warranty thru National Truck Protection: 1 Year - 100.000 Miles, 2 Years - 200.000 Miles, engine, transmission, differential...

Q. Where do I buy the insurance coverage I will need?

A: Right here. We offer various commercial insurance packages and coverage for trucking industry for an incredibly low rates.

Q. What would my payment be?

A: Compass has a very unique approach to each and every customer. Our finance specialists will closely work with you to find the best fitting option for you. We guarantee the process will be easy and your payments will be affordable.

Q: Do you speak Spanish or any other languages?

A: Yes, we do. Beside English, our dealers speak Spanish, Russian, Polish, Serbian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian...

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